• Falling In Love: Part II

    This whole notion of “falling in love”
    I just can’t get a grip of.
    Falling typically implies the lost of balance.
    One’s center of gravity is misplaced
    and the person is left unstable.

    Love is a dark tunnel…
    a well you hope isn’t empty.
    The last thing you want
    is a face first landing
    onto unforgiving concrete.
    One can hope the pit is bottomless
    so that you are continuously falling.
    This still means descending.
    I’d rather be standing on firm ground any day
    than falling in love.
    Oh my love…
    I’m falling in love with you.
    I’m so sorry for you…
    You poor bastard!
    How many times does a person have to fall
    before they know the truth?
    Will we ever learn?
    Most likely not.

    From my book, "Hot Sauce and Honey"

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