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    AMAZING read!!! If you grew up on ‪#‎TheCosbyShow‬ and know the ‪#‎Huxtables‬ entire story like me, you will get your ENTIRE life!!! -Myisha Marsh

    I figured if we kill off Cliff Huxtable, maybe we can finally separate Bill Cosby from the man he played from the man he is. This is a work of fan fiction, in a non-fiction world.  This is an ode to a hero. A TRUE hero.

    Imagine The Cosby Show​ in 2015.
    Imagine The Cosby Show where #BlackLivesMatter.
    Imagine The Cosby Show where the Politics of Respectability is simply a suggestion and not a way of life.

    "The Death of Cliff Huxtable..." gives us a glimpse into the lives of the Huxtable family during the loss of Dr. Cliff Huxtable. All the kids are grown...as are their children. There are secrets. There are lies.  And as always...there is love.


    FOREWARD by Dr. Darnell L. Walker
    Prologue by SLAM Poet
    Epilogue by Dr. Carolyn L. Gordon


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