• I Love the Ex-Girlfriend...

    I love the ex-girlfriend...

    ...who keeps checkin' my Facebook to see who's checkin' me out.

    ...who keeps checkin' my Facebook to see if she can see who I'm checkin' out.

    ...who didn't want it but don't want no one else to have it.

    ...who said she wasn't gay...but just liked it THAT day.

    ...who let THAT day last a year.

    ...who didn't want to say she's your girlfriend...in public.

    ...who had a boyfriend.

    ...who thinks it's ok to kiss on you after the relationship is over like y'all buddies and the shit don't mean nothin'...because it MEANS something to you.

    ...who wears your tee shirt...not your favorite tee shirt...but YOUR motherfuckin' tee shirt out to coffee with that other chick.

    ...who introduces you to the other chick!

    ...who thinks you give a damn about the other chick!!

    ...lives happily ever after....with the other chick.

    ...who you miss now that she's with that other chick.

    ...who tries to look happy for you when you have your own "that other chick"!

    ...who reminds you of love every time you see her.

    ...who makes you think "Maybe I should have tried to like her mother more."

    ...who will be just like her mother one day. (Whew...dodged that bullet...)

    ...who's the LAST ex-girlfriend.

    Are you the one?

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