• When Norman Painted Me

    As kids, we were always running from something.
    Growing up in the country,
    you just get use to it.

    We ran from bees,
    each other,
    mamas with belts.
    Always something.

    We were our own Norman Rockwell painting
    of great times
    in our own
    perfect world.

    We were just like those white kids he painted
    thinking our world was
    perfect enough
    for us.

    Norman never showed us
    what it was we were running from.
    What frightening creatures chased at our heels.
    Just showed us running
    and there was nothing greater
    than living
    the life
    we were living.

    But somewhere along the way
    the paintings changed
    and so did we.
    We grew up
    and life was not as perfect
    as the painting.
    Instead of running from the monsters
    we moved towards them.

    There was no more running away.

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