• When X's & O's meet X's & Y's you're left with Y, O, Y?

    Part 1's woman will be called XXXXX. Part 2's woman will be YYYYY.

    Part XXXXX
    So strange to see XXXXX. We couldn't stand each other...COULD. NOT. STAND. EACH. O-THER. We played balled together for a little while just before she graduated. She joined the club team I played with and played with us in the spring of '93. Hated her.

    I was dating this guy, PPPP...sweet guy, very nice. On a Thursday night, May session '93, PPPP made dinner for me...I told you...a lovely man. I had dinner, but PPPP could tell I was preoccupied with something. I told him I had an errand to run and I'd be right back. I left his place and went over to Hillside...to XXXXX's place. Again, it was May session and campus was just short of a ghost town. Now, mind you, outside the ball court, she and I did not speak AT ALL!

    I went to her door, knocked, she answered. She looked surprised and even annoyed when she saw it was me. I told her we needed to talk, could I come in. She said sure but she was about to get into the shower. I said that's cool, I'll wait. I did. She offered me a drink...and I took that too. She came back and sat on the couch with me. She, in a tight, white tank top and loose fitting bball shorts, smelled of strawberries.

    I don't know why...something about disliking her so intensely bothered me, so I asked her about that and she agreed. It came out of nothing and was exhausting. Once we dealt with that, we sat and chatted a little while and then I said, "Look, there IS something else I need to ask you." She said, "What?" and I grabbed her and kissed her. After the kiss, she asked, "Where was the question?" I said, "Oh, the question was had you been kissed by a woman before." She said, "Well, I can't say no now, can I?" I felt embarrassed but she assured me my assumption was correct. We kissed some more and while doing so, she asked me why was I really there. Surprisingly to myself quite frankly, bluntly I told her I came to have sex with her, but since I had never been with a woman, I didn't know what I was I doing and I figured she would know. Sure enough...she did.

    XXXXX was my first. It only happened once with her. I figured by going to someone I DIDN'T like, I was safe: that if I didn't like it, well then, it was connected to someone I didn't like...or if I DID like it, XXXXX was perfect because I didn't like her enough to become attached. I just wanted to experience sex with a woman. XXXXX got it. We had sex...it was lovely, absolutely amazing...she left a few weeks later (she was in the Spring '93 class but finished with May session) and I hadn't seen her or heard from her since that night...until...well, nevermind.

    I left XXXXX's place...a few hours later...and returned to PPPP's. He asked where I'd been for so long. I told him I'd gone to XXXXX's and I told him I was now certain I was gay. He said he knew and we stayed up and talked the rest of the night...and that was the last time I saw PPPP was well.

    Part YYYYY
    Ok, so now this "thing" had happened and I was excited...and scared...and curious...all at once. A week passed by, I hadn't spoken a word to ANYONE about this whole thing and yet I needed to talk to someone. My roommates were cool but not the right people for this type of info. SO, I went to another teammate, YYYYY, because I knew she would know who I was talking about but I also figured since she was an athlete, she would know other lesbians, and she would understand my need for discretion. Yes, I assumed a lot. LOL!!!

    So I called up YYYYY and said I needed some help with an issue. She told me to come over. I did. I hopped in my car and drove on campus...to another dorm over by Hillside. I went to YYYYY's room and she was all alarmed, "What's wrong?!" I told her to calm down, that I was fine. She said she had never seen me like that let alone ask for help so she figured something was really wrong. I assured her I was fine, but I needed an ear. She sat down and braced herself with an, "Aight, I'm ready. Tell me what's up". No turning back now. I've got to tell someone what's happened.

    I said, "YYYYY, I had sex with someone a few days ago and I'm not sure how I feel about." She asked why was I having an issue and what was the problem, "Did you do it with a guy you didn't like?" I said, "No.". She looked at me blankly, "Ok...did you do it with a guy you DID like?" "No." Still looking blankly, "Did you do it with a guy you didn't know?". "No.". Ok, now blank look has turned into an impatient look but then she said, jokingly and rather quickly, "Well hell, did you even do it with a guy?!"


    The impatient look dissolved back to the blank look and then quickly...and somewhat smoothly...dissolved into a completely shocked look! Wide eyes, dropped jaw...the whole nine...with a low and deep..."Nooooooo...". I still wasn't ready to say out right, so I said, "What?! What's 'nooooooo.'??!?" YYYYY closed her mouth, swallowed hard and said, "Did you do it with a girl?!" AS SOON as YYYYY asked me, her roommate came BUSTIN' in the room, broke up the groove, so I was no longer in the mood to talk...BUT she HAD to know.

    So we left her place and left for my apartment. I didn't expect anyone to be home and I figured since I was on my home turf, I'd feel comfortable talking. Nope! Walked in the door and one of my housemates was there. Luckily, my housemate had a craving for ice cream so rather than she go get, I volunteered me and YYYYY to go fetch it. We get back in my car, an '87 Audi 5000 (it's important, trust me), and headed to the Kroger's on Hwy 33 in the 'Burg.

    I parked the car, turned it off, and pulled the key out of the ignition. Still not knowing the details of my first adventures with a woman, YYYYY grabbed my arm before I could open my door and said, "You are NOT leaving this car until you tell me who you slept with!" There a short moment of silence...and then I said, "XXXXX." and as quickly pulled my arm away and got out of the car. YYYYY jumped out of the passenger side and said...with my back to her, me walking away for shame of looking in her face, "XXXXX??!!!?? XXXXX???!!?? (whispered) Really XXXXX?? That lucky bitch."

    I heard it but I don't think YYYYY intended for me to hear it...and I didn't turn to acknowledge it. I just smiled because what YYYYY didn't know was I wanted HER to be my first...but I was too afraid it would mess up a great friendship. So, I just kept walking...right to the frozen food area...to the ice cream...to the popsicles...where now...NOW...YYYYY decided she wanted to act out! She took a box of popsicles, said this was what my roommate was getting because she wanted to open one...in the store...IN THE DAMN STORE...to flirt with me. And so we did...flirt...with a damn popcicle...right in the middle of Kroger Har-ri-son-BURG! Somewhere there's security footage of me and YYYYY and a popcicle...in Kroger's...lol. Thank sweet baby Junebug Jenkins it was late because no one was in the store. We left the store got the ice cream to my roommate, but couldn't stay there to talk because...well damn, my roommate was there.

    We got back in the car, drove back on campus, and parked in the big parking lot in front of Hillside. It's now midnight. YYYYY hadn't said a word since we left Kroger's. I'm even started to think she was mad at me. We parked. YYYYY came out of her quiet with, "XXXXX? Why didn't you come to me? You don't even LIKE XXXXX!!" I explained my reasoning, which seemed to make sense but she was still salty about it all. I finally asked...(ok...and I'll admit, if this hadn't actually happened to me, I would have said 'that sounds like some shit that ONLY happens in porn' but it did)...I finally asked, "Would you have really said yes if I asked?!" She asked, "Did you want to ask?" I said, "Yes." She said, "YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!!" So then I grabbed HER and kissed HER (apparently I did that a lot back in those days...lol), right there in the parking lot under a bright ass lamp. She kissed me back but then said we couldn't kiss under the big, bright ass lamp...that someone might see. So...we drove the '87 Audi 5000 to the JMU arboretum and from midnight to 4am, had SSS in the back seat of my car. '87 Audi 5000's are roomy.

    Two weeks later, YYYYY also left after May session as she too was a member of the class of '93. I haven't seen or heard from X or Y since...well..until...nevermind.

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