• For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide...and Did. (A Response...to A Response)

    **This was a response to my friend Rai's post on my Facebook page. There are others from my circle who seem surprised that I was so critical of the film. My response to that solely is, "I get to be. So do you."**

    I do believe I point on some positive points on this film, so let's not misrepresent me or my opinion of this film. Secondly, it's MY opinion...that's it. Not Commandment tablets or a new US Constitution. I know this film has struck a lot of people in a multitude of ways...and that's fine...and greatly appreciated. I'm actually thankful I saw "For Colored Girls" in the theater alone...just as I would be curious what it would be like to see it in a theater filled with "call and response" lovin' sistahs. I'm certain it would a very different experience. That said, I'm not going to base my view, review, or opinion of the film based on other people's reaction to it. I can't love a film because a roomful of black women and a few good men are crying their eyes out over it. Their reaction has nothing to do how the film struck ME. I love that everyone gets what they want out of a film or a play but that reaction doesn't mean it's right for me or that my reaction is right for someone else.

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about...

    I HATED "This Is It." HATED it. H-A-T-E-D IT! Saw it twice and HATED it BOTH times. And when people ask me what did I think of the movie, knowing how much I LOVE Michael Jackson, my answer is consistent, "I hated it." My answer is ALWAYS met with a gasp and WHY?! My follow-up, equally consistent, "If we learned anything about Michael Jackson, his work ethic and the resulting product, we know he was a perfectionist. It was an image, as far as his music was concerned, he lived up to 110%. And as much as I think we all appreciated watching MJ going through his process, do you think we would have seen that much of him, undone and unfinished...flawed and marked....had he lived?" The answer is typically no, that had MJ been alive today, we would have NEVER seen that movie or that footage. I saw "This Is It" in a theater filled with MJ lovers and I cried and I cheered, and I sang, I was moved by the audiences' reaction, but I STILL walked out believing I saw something MJ would not have wanted me to see. I saw the film again at home, alone, and felt the same way. My point is, I can't get caught up in other people's reaction to a film or a play or art of any sort and make opinion based on that. I've not formed a negative opinion about FCG because of negative reactions/reviews either. It's just how I feel based on my taste.

    I thought the film was too heavy on the sorrow and beaten up side. I can see myself in the play...I thank the Lord above I did not recognize myself in the film. There was a lot of heartache and heartbreak in the film but no joy. NO JOY! You give me an example from the film where you could see JOY?! A lot of tears...a lot of pain...a lot of rain. I do find it ironic that the film's title uses it's well used abbreviated "For Colored Girls" from the play's "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf". He cut the Rainbow out...and not just in the title. If Tyler Perry thinks this is what the play is about...or if being a black woman is THAT dark and hopeless, then he needs to stop dressing up as one for profit.

    Funny thing about a RAINBOW...can't get one without the SUNSHINE...without joy. This film was a whole lotta RAIN...but no SUN.

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