• The Box 69: MAROON

    Color: Maroon
    January 26, 2011
    Song: "Tattoo Woman" Jean-Marc Cerrone

    Excerpt from my screenplay, "TATTOO"

    Every tattoo has a story...
    IS a story.
    There is a mystery to being the bearer of a tattoo.

    My body is my canvas.
    My body is my quilt.
    My body is my book...
    My tablet upon which I paint my life...
    And write my poetry.
    I bear the stories
    I choose to tell.

    Like Hemingway,
    I am a drunk
    But my drink
    Is my ink
    My pen
    To my skin.
    I am a writer...
    A true artist.
    I am a unique soul...
    A gypsy of sorts.
    I live my art.
    I live my pain.
    The sting of its beauty is not a cost at all,
    But it's a test
    To see if I am worthy.


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