• The Box 69: RAW SIENNA

    Color: Raw Sienna
    Dec. 17, 2010
    Song: "More Than A Woman" Aaliyah

    A new Super Hero
    "Raw Sienna"

    I am...a Romantic.
    My life oozes sugary sweet passion.
    I bath in it.
    Rub it on like cocoa butter...thick...shine.
    Run across my lips like southern cane raw.
    No mask.
    No hiding.
    No cape.
    Brown leathered down.
    Moonstruck Feasts and Infatuation Festivals
    Litter my calendar.
    And while you may see no one at my table,
    I am never eating alone.
    Now...I've got a flight to catch.
    The signal is in the sky.
    I am...a Romantic...
    Rescuing Love.


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