• The Box 69: BLUSH

    Color: Blush
    February 14, 2011
    Song: "I Wanna Thank Ya" Angie Stone

    With minutes before Valentine's Day,
    I ask the question:
    Is it possible to love more than one love at once?

    Dear Poetry,
    I'm sendin' my love
    To my first love.
    You are the one
    Who gave me a new life,
    A life beyond the tears.
    Set up for the setup
    On a blind date
    Set up by my granny
    Because she knew
    I'd dig you.
    She knew
    I would need you.
    She knew
    You would save me.
    She, who said,
    "You master the words. Don't let the words master you."
    when she saw them words kickin' my ass.
    She, who gave me my first journal
    And said,
    "Write it all down. You'll never know who'll read it or need it."
    Short phrases
    Staccato rhythms
    Vowels held for style
    Consonants trippin' off my lips
    Makin' me brand new.
    Makin' me cool
    Like hip hop in July '85.
    And that's hot.
    I was no Salt...
    Or Pepa...
    No Queen...
    No Roxanne Shante...
    No Mc Lyte,
    But in my pocket of Covesville, Virginia,
    You made me experience my own rapper's delight
    And I love you
    For lovin' me
    Alphabetically traversing all the ways
    Loving me unconditionally
    With a Q,
    And Z.
    Knowing the bliss
    Of your poetic kiss
    Makes me blush.
    My heart shaped love, I send to you, Poetry.

    Dear Prose,
    Lord knows
    Your long strokes and strolls give me the greatest pleasure.
    If poetry be the sprint,
    You be the 400...
    Sprint the straight aways
    Stride the curves.
    Lean into the bend
    And carry me over the long wind.
    Pace myself all over you
    And savor the short story.
    Grab my pen
    And revive myself
    Save my life with an anecdote antidote,
    Escaping into a long ago
    Or a place far, far away.
    Thank you, Prose
    For being my fantasies...
    For being my dreams in color...
    For being my bedtime stories
    And my morning affirmations.
    You showed me love,
    And End.
    Knowing the bliss
    Of your novel kiss
    Makes me blush.
    My heart shaped love, I send to you, Prose.

    Dear Music,
    So while I have this adulterous affair
    With poetry AND prose,
    You have never judged me.
    You underscore my passion.
    You give rhythm to my lust.
    Grooves and jams ignite images of moving life in my head.
    Mini movies premiering on repeat
    As the bass booms through my body.
    Too loud in my ears
    But I don't care.
    Serenade me.
    Lullaby me.
    Woo and wash over me
    Like a Teddy P command,
    A Marvin Gaye "awww...",
    A Ronald Isley "la-la-la-la-laaa".
    Caress me and dress me in love
    Like a Patti Labelle belting slide,
    A Nancy Wilson honey dipped lilt,
    An Ella Fitzgerald classic scat.
    You have spoken on my behalf many times.
    Killed me softly
    Made me over.
    When my house wasn't a home,
    You gave me shelter
    And let me lay my head on your pillow.
    Thank you, dear sweet song and singer.
    Knowing the bliss
    Of your melodic kiss
    Makes me blush.
    My heart shaped love, I send to you, Music.

    With minutes after Valentine's Day,
    I'm full and filled...
    With love.
    Yes, it is possible
    With them all.


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