• The Box 69: SHADOW

    Color: Shadow
    March 6, 2011
    Song: "Never Stop" Brand New Heavies

    Constant companion
    Moves when I move
    My shell's portrait in darkness
    well lit.
    my shadow is my friend
    who sits with me
    walks with me
    But makes no judgement

    My reflection shows my tears
    Reflects my flaws
    Reminds me of where I went wrong.
    But you stand strong
    And let me be as I am.
    My image back to me
    Feeds my vanity.
    My shadow,
    My soul's reflection
    Feeds my curiosity.

    My spirit's outline
    The boundaries of my universe
    Standing bold
    Bigger than my reality
    Looming taller in the sun's light
    Showing me that God's shine
    Will make me grow taller
    Than I'll ever know.
    Thank you for my shadow
    Even on a cloud filled day
    I know you are here
    With me.


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