• The Box 69: CHESTNUT

    Color: CHESTNUT
    April 22, 2011
    Song: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Aretha Franklin

    For Spencer Beglarian, friend and colleague...
    Rest well my love...
    April 19, 2011

    Dark deep
    Steeped long over heat
    And thick.
    This is my friend's love
    And daily greeting.
    You can't drink it.
    You sip it.
    Cut it.
    Better to take it in smaller doses and enjoy longer
    It's a robust concentrate
    You must have everyday
    Because he has it waiting
    He can make cheap Folger of Ohio
    Smell like deep import of Colombia
    But that is his gift.
    Spence spins the everyday
    Into beauty
    And deliciousness.
    A teacher
    A mentor
    A friend
    A gentle giant
    And a DAZZLING black woman/white man combo of joy!
    An inspiration to anyone who savored delight in his presence.

    Bad coffee
    I won't drink it
    But I wish he was here to make it.


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