• Which "Soul Train" Theme is YOUR Favorite?!

    Growing up on "Soul Train" is just as American as the Bandstand herself! The artists, the dancers, the host...all play a defining role in my childhood...in my life. In the late 70's and throughout the 80's, "Soul Train" showed me my first glimpse of Black entrepreneurship. I'm taking a short "Genesis" break, to ask the question: Which of the "Soul Train" themes was YOUR favorite?

    My personal top 5 rankings (Actually it's 4 because 1 is shared...and nothing after 1993 is real to me! LOL!!):

    4.) 1976: The Soul Train Gang - Yeah, a distant third as a favorite but because I have a faint memory of the song from when I was a toddler, this I'm ranking as #4.

    3.) 1987-1993: The Sound of Philadelphia (remixed by George Duke) - This version of the "Soul Train" theme is the soundtrack of my high school and undergrad days. You HAD to watch "Soul Train" to try to be fly at the parties and dances! And besides, I was NOT even tryin' to miss New Edition or Five Star...so STOP PLAYIN'!!

    2.) 1973: The Sound of Philadelphia - Despite being but 1 year old when this song was the actual theme of "Soul Train", this cut is arguably one of the most iconic sounds/songs in Black American pop culture. MAN!!! For me, THIS song is the defining sound of the party that WAS "Soul Train"!! I have this song on my iPod and play it on the treadmill at the gym or when I'm walking. Man...shoot...wherever you're goin', you're gonna get there...and a little out of breath!

    1.)1983: O'Bryan - WHEN YOU HEARD THE OPENING KEYS ON THIS...SHUT EVERY THANG DOWN!! This is what "Soul Train" sounds like to me. My memory of a GOOD Saturday morning included hearing this theme song at 2pm on Channel 8 out of Richmond, Virginia and at 5pm on Channel 5 out of Washington, DC! If you missed the 2pm show, you had the 5pm show! AND DON'T MISS IT TOO!! And seein' that light skinned dude (light skinned was IN during this time! You WANTED to be a member of DeBarge, but you knew you weren't light enough to be family!) with the big flat hat and the chick with the crazy long hair...it was time to hop aboard the hippest trip in America!

    1.a) 1984...the remixed version of the 1983 theme...has a little more pump to it, but doesn't have the opening keys...but a jam nonetheless!!









    1987 - 1993


    2000 - 2006

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