• 9/11/2001: I Was...

    Charlottesville, Virginia.

    I was leaving for work at UVA. I collapsed the ironing board, rather quickly, and it caught and cut my right index finger. Looking at my bleeding finger, I thought, "Damn, this is gonna be a bad day." I turned off the tv (the "Today" show was on) and walked out the door. This was 8:45am Sept. 11, 2001.


    I got in my car. When I started the car, the radio came on and this was the first I'd heard of the first plane hitting the Towers. 


    As I got closer to Grounds, the radio announcer started yelling, "Another one hit! Another just hit!" I damn 
    near wrecked my car. The guy's yelling and panic in his voice COMPLETELY startled and shook me. We were under attack. I walked into the my office at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. We had a 9:30 staff meeting.


    Robert Vaughan, Executive Director of the VFH, walked in late and carrying a worn look about him, "Another one has hit the Pentagon." 


    By the time the meeting was over, campus was closing...and the Towers had fallen. Someone said as we were leaving, "They're gone."

    Sept. 11, 2011
    And as on my heart and mind, I still have a scar on my right index finger.


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