• The American Dream? No. The American PLAN!

    Too many of us are buying the "American Dream" on credit.  Others are puttin' that sh!t on layaway, chippin' away at it, paycheck to paycheck, a bit at a time, HOPING to own it one day...paying far more than the "suggested retail price".  The "American Dream" is a poorly stitched, cheaply made, widely duplicated IDEA of success...of happiness.  Retirement is no longer the goal...now, too early, the fear.  Where will you be with the "American Dream" goes to the clearance rack?  What passions do you possess to marry with the skill sets you possess so you can live the life you DESERVE and DESIRE to possess?!  What is YOUR plan?...Because a "dream" is NOT a "plan"!  Let's reclaim our dreams...our goals...and make "The American PLAN."  Because the "American Dream" as we know it, has one more tag on it...turn it over: "Made In China".  Good night my fellow Americans.  Sleep well.  Rest up.  Hit it hard again tomorrow.  The "American Plan" is NOT Political.  It's Revolutionary.


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