• Rear View Mirror

    I'm breaking the rear view mirror.
    Sitting in a forward position
    Facing a new direction
    I look up and I see you
    Standing there
    Waiting for me to back up
    Swing back through
    Drive this patch of road

    I'm breaking the rear view mirror
    Because you appear closer than you really are.
    Bigger than you really are.
    An illusion
    I can't go back
    Can't keep driving in circles.

    I'm breaking the rear view mirror
    Because if I make this trip again
    I need to give up my license.

    I'M in the driver seat.
    I can only go back if I choose to go back
    And I keep choosing.

    And so now I'm late.
    I'm late.
    I'm missing appointments
    Opportunities and dates
    Because I won't break my mutha fuckin' rear view mirror!
    Damn a seven year bad luck
    I'm driving on a flat tire
    On the same round trip.

    It's meant to help with quick glances back
    To make sure I'm safe not to hit something in my way
    Or something I've already passed in the past.

    I've got to break my rear view mirror
    Because I keep seeing you
    With your thumb up
    Hitchhiking on my happiness
    And I keep picking you up
    Expecting a 'thanks for the ride'
    But no.

    Time to drop you off at this bus stop
    And drive off.
    I've GOT to break my rear view mirror.
    And drive on.

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