• The End of the World...Again.


    The end of the world...the end of days...the Mayan calendar ran out...the RAPTURE!! :-|

    Top 5 Reasons I don't think the end is happening on December 21, 2012:

    5.) The uber rich haven't left for Mars yet.

    4.) There's still bread, water and Vienna sausages (which look like baby dicks, if you ask me...) at the grocery store.

    3.) Mitt Romney actually ran to win.

    2.) The Republicans and the conservative right haven't blamed President Obama for the Earth's ending...oh wait...they have. Sorry...scratch that one.

    1.) Because I HAVE to see what happens on January 10th on #Scandal!!

    A word of advice: DON'T CUSS OUT YOUR BOSS AND QUIT YOUR JOB!! I have a feelin' you'll need it Monday. Oh wait..that's Christmas Eve. Well...you'll need it come Wednesday!


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