• CHAPTER SIX: The Birth of a NEW Nation

    The White House Press Room
    The press conference

    The press corp are all chatting with each other, trying to gleen from each other what exactly the US Economy restoration act is and what's happening with the Social Security program.  Without announcement, President Johns walks in and up to the podium. He begins,

         "We want to thank you all for coming and covering this historic event. Before I turn the podium over to the USA Corp, let me say how this is an important day for America. This is the day we save our economy after decades of devasating debt. This is the day we gain control over our spending and streamline our ledgers to depict a thriving country. We are a country of hard working citizens and we have been held hostage by a reserve system that ration money like bread during the Great Depression. Those days are behind us. We are starting fresh. We are starting new. We are starting over.  Now...I am going to turn this over to the USA Corp and their representative who will explain the details of the Dracel Card, a program replacing the social sercurity program. When the USA Corp is done with their presentation, I will gladly address your questions regarding new American financial and domestic policy, but I'm certain many of your questions will be addressed by their representative, the man for which the card is named, Jamison Dracel."

    The President makes room for Jamison at the podium. The snap and pop of the camera corp go off in a frenzy as the two men shake hands in a pose for the press. Jamison comes to the mic and stand for a moment, as if taking it all in.  He looks over to his wife Katherine, who has her hands together as in prayer, held up to her lips.  Jamison takes a deep breath and begins.

         "Today America got a "do-over."
    Silence falls on the room. Not a laugh...not a chuckle...and outside of the President, Katherine and the USA Corp team, not a smile. Nervously, Jamison continues,
         "Just as any one person deserves a second chance, so does a nation. This is our opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over new and clean. So, this IS, in fact, a do-over. It may be easier to take your questions in an effort to explain to the nation what is happening right now."

    Before Jamison could finish his sentences, hands fly up in the air and the room is instantanously filled with hundreds of questions...at once.  Jamison finds one reporter up front, points to her,
         "What is the Dracel Card and how does it work?"
         "The Dracel Card, is our new identity card. If you have the card, your entire life's history and details all exist on a card the size of any credit card you have in your wallet right now.  Here's how it works:
    Everyone with a federally issued social security number will be DELIVERED a citizen card. It is black... has no raised numbers or info on the card. Your name is a hologram embedded beneath the surface of the card so it can not be forged. There is a thumbprint lock on the upper left hand corner of the card that verifies the owner of the card. You hold the card, placing your thumb on the lock. If your thumb print matches, your name will glow green. If your thumb print does not match, your name will glow red and all the content on the card will be frozen. This is a safety feature to prevent theft.
         The card will be personally delievered by a representative of the USA corp, using the last three US census reports.  If you do not have a social security number, you will not be issused a card. If you have not been accounted for in the last three census, you will not get a card.
         Having a card is crucial. Encrypted in the card is every ounce of information on you. It is your driver's license. It is passport. It contains your finance account, your medical history, your credit history.
         The new American currency will now be measured in points, rather than dollars and cents.  We have effectively, closed all banks. The USA Corp will manage the American Economic Reserve from one location, streamlining our mint.  Any place that require an exchange of funds will have a card reader at which you will swipe your cards and the appropriate amount of points will be deducted. One cent is now one point.  Now, rather than just transferring our national debt from dollars to points, we...the USA Corp, has reset the price points of certain essentials, gas and food in particular, to assist you all with this transition.  For instance, beginning next Monday, the price of a gallon of gas will be fifty points."

    Chatter immediately overwhelms Jamison's presentation. He manages to regain control by fielding the next question.
         "Yes, you...Next question."
         "How are points added or deducted?"
         "We have lived a couple decades with direct deposit as a means to receive our paychecks. Direct deposit is a direct exchange of information. This is no different. Your employer will report your earned wages to the USA Corp and we will upload your points, minus your taxes, to your citizen card. Yes, taxes...some things will never change."

    The reporters give a warmer chuckle.  Jamison addresses the next reporter. He is now more relaxed, confident,
         "Yes sir?"
         "What about all the citizens without social security numbers?"
         "You mean those who are here illegally?"
         "Or those who simply do not have a social security number."
         "Ok...every citizen has a number. It was a given to you at birth and those old enough to recall the days before the SS act, you should have a number or with proof of citizenship, you will be presented with a citizen card. That leaves those in this country illegally. We will not be issuing cards to anyone who is not a provable citizen.
    The same reporter rebuts,
          "But without the card, you can't pay for anything. You can't pay rent. You can't buy food. You essentially can not exist in this country without your own card. So what will happen to all the people who have no card?"

    Jamison is quiet. He has no answer for that question. Just as he parts his lips to give the best answer he could think to offer,  President Johns interjects,
         "This is outside the responsibility of Mr. Dracel.  He is here on behalf of the USA Corp to speak about the card and its function in particular. I will address the questions as it relates to immigration and our borders. But to answer this question while we are here..."

    Jamison is still looking at the press and complete with a politically appropriate smile. The President continues,
         "Those undocumented citizens of other nations will be asked to return home temporarily while we transition into our new program. Those who do not comply will be deported to their respective home countries."
    Jamison cuts the President a slightly frightened look.  The President finishes,
         "Again, they will be invited to return once we are running smoothly with the new Dracel Card. There will be a guest card available to those entering our borders as visitors within the next year. This is the Birth of a New Nation."

    Jamison looks sick.
    SNAP! FLASH! Cameras pop like July fourth fireworks in Jamison's eyes.


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