• Those Who Can...Do...

    Yes, Lawd...give me the strength...what started off as a friendly conversation...

    Guy at the auto oil place (mid conversation): So, what do you do?

    TDV: I'm a filmmaker and a teacher.

    Guy: Oh wow...cool...that's interesting. Film, huh? Does that pay much?

    TDV: It does when it does and it doesn't when it doesn't.

    Guy: How much would you say?

    TDV: Hmmm...no. And you don't think that's an odd question to ask a stranger?

    Guy: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought since it's not...like...a REAL job...

    (This is where I want to do a two finger pulse check and count it down from 12 but I don't...remain chill...I chuckle...)

    TDV: Ok man...

    Guy: No...I mean...like your teaching job. That's a REAL job. What do you teach?

    TDV: Film.

    Guy: Oh. Well, you know what they say...?

    (Now...I KNOW I need to 'respond' and not 'react' because I KNOW what he's about to say and I KNOW he's going to say it. I'm jumping ahead, in MY mind, to what my 'response' is going to be because my 'reaction' wants me to jump square on his head and choke the life outta him with my thighs. But I don't...)

    Guy: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

    TDV: Hmmmm...yes...well...(twelve...eleven...) So, what do you do?

    Guy: I'm a manager for Marriott.

    TDV: Oh...so...your last name is Marriott?

    GUY: No...why?

    TDV: Those who can, do...it for themselves. Those who can't, do it for other people. I teach my students how to be entrepreneurs. If you're not an entrepreneur, you're making someone else rich. (...three...two...one.)

    P.S. The manager just overheard the whole conversation and gave me the Tuesday "Ladies Day" discount on Wednesday!! LMAO! He said, I can't give you much but that whole thing is worth a few bucks off!"


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