• A Loving THANK YOU! You Never Forget Your First...

    I want to thank everyone who bought the hard copy of Passage Home!! While the sales campaign for my FIRST NOVEL is just beginning, the focus is going to be eBooks and not the hard copy. Flaws and all, this novel will be like no other novel I'll write in the future...because it was first.

    My friend, Neil John Barnes, said to me the other day, "CariƱo! I didn't order your book for your book! I ordered it because I believe in you! I believe in supporting by any means necessary the people who are worth my time and love! I will enjoy your book, but more I will revel in your success!" So once I wiped the tears away and got my life together...lol...I was left with a humbling "thank you." That meant more to me than you can know.

    So THANK YOU to all of you have supported me along the way...ALL the way! We are JUST getting started!!



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