• This Map Shows The Most Popular Show Set in Each State...IF You're Smoking Crack. AND...I Included DC: "The West Wing" vs. "Scandal" (PHOTO)

    The gift that gave on Christmas Eve!! Thank you, Kirsten Acuna! You tickle me!!

    This post is a humorous...but serious...but humorous response to the Business Insider associate editor, Kirsten Acuna and her article suggesting this map of the 50 states is labeled with the most popular show SET (not necessarily shot) in that state. Thank you to my guy, Derrick Mathis, for posting this on Facebook, where this particular rant began. 

    OK...here's the map:

    Now...the premise of the map is MOST POPULAR show set in each state...I have a bone to pick with a few of these choices:

    Mike Nudelman/Business Insider
    New York: How did NY go to "Seinfeld" and not "Friends"? Not that I was a huge fan but for 9 of the show's 10 year run, that show was the tv version of The Beatles. My close second would be a three way tie for "Seinfeld", "Sex and The City" and "The Cosby Show"...which, by the way, saved the genre that all of those shows fall under. AND speaking of "Friends", has anyone else yelled, "MEET THE MOTHER ALREADY FOR F**K SAKE!!" I do find it funny that as "How I Met Your Mother" goes off the air after 9 successful seasons, TV Guide decides to run a "Friends" retrospective...daily. I guess they made their choice too.

    Georgia: "Designing Women" ran longer and harder than "The Walking Dead" and SANG "Georgia on My Mind" WITH RAY CHARLES (!!) as its theme song for a couple seasons...oh wait...just one season but it ran in syndication for so long, it FELT like multiple seasons.

    Texas: I'm sorry...Let's just forget a little show called "Dallas". No...an ENTIRE country wasn't asking "Who Shot JR?!" whether you cared or not.

    Nevada: "Bonanza"?! I would have guess "C.S.I." but what do I know? I mean all those years of "Bonanza: Miami", "Bonanza: New York", "Bonanza: Los Angeles", and a steakhouse chain says it's a more popular franchise.

    Florida: "The Golden Girls"...absolutely spot on! THE SHOW IS STILL RUNNING AND WE WILL WATCH IT AND LAUGH LIKE THE JOKES ARE NEW! "Miami Vice" WISHED it had the legs...and the walkers...and the dentures!

    Virginia: Yeah Yeah Yeah..."Homeland" I attended Walton Middle School outside of Charlottesville, VA. If you say, "Good night John Boy" a true blooded 'Merican will know EXACTLY how "HOME" that is. To Virginia, "The Waltons".

    Oregon: "The Simpsons" has been on tv for 47 years. "Eureka" was cancelled 7 times in 6 years over 5 seasons...on something called a SyFy. Do better, map! 

    Side Note: Ummmm...Montana, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. Bless their heart. Cable access shows, maybe? 


    Though Washington D.C. is NOT a state, which would you say would take that square? "The West Wing" or "Scandal"?  This one would be hard for me. "The West Wing" is the better show. "Scandal" is the...buzzier (A word? I doubt it.) show.  Either could take The District, in my opinion, though I do believe I would give the edge to "The West Wing" for setting the tone: edgy sharp political writing, 'walk and talk' performance style, and the rapid fire delivery of those lovely grand standing speeches that people fantasize giving AFTER the confrontation for which "Scandal" and Shonda Rhimes should send weekly thank you cards to Aaron Sorkin.   But then "Scandal" has Kerry Washington...and she is killing the game in a "post racial" America...which requires it's own map. That map would look more like Candyland...but I've digressed.  

    What say you? "The West Wing" or "Scandal"?



    1. Gonna have to go with West Wing. They are/were both big shows. Regardless of which is the 'best' vs 'buzzier' (I personally prefer Scandal), but as the poll is supposed to be 'most popular', Scandal has only had 2.5 seasons to set its place. West Wing had 7 with an already famous cast of more than a few people and changed the way the average person looked at the inner workings of the White House. Now....give Scandal a few more years, and the answer might change.

      1. Well said and well played Eli! Much love and thanks for hollerin'!

      2. I agree with Eli. And in the spirit of thinking outside the box...who said the TV shows had to be in prime time? I'm thinking Peyton Place is the winner for New Hampshire.

      3. Oh, and I'm thinking you've missed the mark for New York, sorry. It should be All in the Family. Ran 8 seasons, #1 in the ratings for 5 consecutive years, cast a much wider demographic net than Seinfeld or Friends and was so popular that it spawned at least three spin-offs: Maude, The Jeffersons & Archie Bunker's Place. This is Diane Baker, btw. xoxoxo


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