• Rita Pierson...The #Teacher We All Want To Be #Ted #TEDTalk #Education #Love

    You have a hole in your soul if this doesn't move you. I watched this TWICE today, once alone and the other with two office mates, and it restored me. This is a brilliant shot in the arm for anyone who teaches, either in a classroom or at home. So...basically that's anyone with children and/or students in their lives.

    I've CRIED watching this TED Talk. It's amazing. It's inspiring. And when you finish watching, and you're on your feet cheering, the sobering final piece of information that Rita Pierson died just months after filming this will take your breath away. We need MORE of people like her.

    Thank you Rita Pierson.
    Rest Well.

    Leave your favorite quotation from this speech in the comments on this thread. You won't be able to pick just one.



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