• Oh, You Mad? You Movin' To Canada?! Welp... (PHOTOS)

    Oh...you mad, huh?!

    If you're mad this week because of...

    or because of...

    ...and wanna move to Canada...


    BUT WAIT!! 

    Canada may not want you either!!

    1.) Marriage has been equal for all there for over a decade. Keep yo' hate at yo' house.

    2.) They do not recognize the Confederate flag as anything other than unoriginal since it bites off the Union Jack. Keep yo' hate at yo' house.

    3.) Free and affordable heathcare is available for all Canadian citizens. Go up there hollerin' something about "Socialism" if you want! That'll be rude.

    4.) Canada welcomed runaway slaves from the US so there will be Black folk there...with a bone to pick.

    5.) You may have to speak French, dependin' on where you go so don't embarrass yourself expectin' folk to speak 'Merican!

    6.) They prefer hockey and while they play baseball & basketball, having to listen to TWO national anthems at every game will mean you may have to listen Justin Beiber sing twice. And their football...it's ALMOST the same...but not really...the same...at all. 

    7.) Canadians are incredibly and overly friendly people...as a stereotype. BUT...as an American, you should know by now, stereotypes are usually inaccurate. Go up there with the wrong attitude...get yo' face smashed in by a moose! You've been warned.

    8.) Justin...Bieber.

    9.) If you leave, who will we taunt once the Negro leaves office and we elect that Lady married to the FIRST Black President?

    10) Your hate will travel with you and you won't have any friends, so you might as well KEEP YO' HATE AT YO ' HOUSE!! 



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