• ICYMI: We Launched the First Black Superheroes Twitter Chat: WHERE ARE ALL THE BLACK SUPERHEROES?!

    Saturday night was AWESOME!! I launched my first TwitterChat and as it turns out, it was the first Black Superhero Twitter Chat to date...AND...it was AWESOME!! It's just the beginning! We are going to host these discussions on ways and means to produce and support more films, television and web series that depict ourselves heroic!

    Below you will find all of the Questions from the Chat. Click on the image and you'll have access to the responses to that particular question. Let's continue the conversation until the "doing" gets done!

    Click on The Image to See the Discussion for each Question

    Thank you to Michelle A. Dowell-Vest and www.AGurlzGuide.org for promoting the Chat with their segment: #MyFavoriteHashtag!

    "When obstacles are insurmountable, we to look to super human figures as hopeful, extraordinary versions of our human self. Superheroes are our partners in fantasy and give us permission to imagine ourselves able to accomplish that which seems impossible. ~ Teresa Dowell-Vest, Author, Filmmaker, Educator
    This week’s edition of ‪#‎MyFavoriteHashtag‬ is not an account of this week’s Twitter happenings, but an invitation to be part of a conversation about challenging an industry fixated on a singular representation of Superheros.
    Tonight, July 11th at 8:30 – 10:00 pm est, join Terésa Dowell-Vest the writer and creator of Genesis, the story of a family of Black Superheroes in a conversation about how it is time to…‪#‎RedefineHero‬"


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