• Watch 'The Wiz Live' Right Here...Again...And Again...And... (FULL EPISODE) (VIDEO) #TheWiz

    Because you were in your dag gone house singing ALL the songs! 
    Because you were crying your whole entire heart out when the Tin Man sang 
    "What Would I Do If I Could Feel"! 
    Because you thought of Michael Jackson when the Scarecrow tried to do the MJ Spin and missed. 
    Because "We Got You" grew on you the more you listened to it! 
    Because the world feels hard right now and joy is medicine! 
    Because Shanice Williams made you smile for 2.5 hours! 
    Because you want Elijah Kelley, NeYo and David Allen Grier to be in your "squad"! 
    Because you think Queen Latifah needs to do a contour youtube video! 
    Because when an African Queen named Uzo Aduba says "click your heels three time and you'll be home" you start kickin', clickin' and stompin' like you're Savion Glover! 
    Because Mary J. Blige, Amber Riley and Aduba sprankled Black Girl Magic all over the place! 
    Because Stephanie Mills is EVERYTHING! 
    Because you ALWAYS believe The Emerald City was epicenter of Gay Glorious Goodness (both the Fashion Diva film version and the NBC Ballroom Vogue ExtravaGAYza) and want to LIVE there!


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