• What Are YOUR Goals for 2016? A Community To Help You Achieve Them

    Three years ago, I quit smoking. I tried on many occasions to quit but nothing seem to stick. Three years ago, Cassandra Greene Hanslip sent me a text message every day, for 28 days, encouraging me to not smoke that day. The text were simple. They were never commands, demands or preachy. I began to refer to Cassandra as my iCoach. This simple act of encouragement and support has inspired me to not only be an iCoach to someone else, but to create a community around active goal setting. At the end of the 52 weeks, we will compile your data from the year and create a bound journal of your experience for your see where your started, your journey and where your arrived in a year's time. Welcome to the TDV 52 Week Cyber Journal.

    Objective: Explore your Goals and Growth with three simple questions each week. At the end of the year, let's celebrate your journey by compiling all of your goals, achievements and areas of improvement into a bound journal for your reflection and motivation.

    Every Monday, known as #MagicMonday in 2016, I will send you a reminder to share your GOALS, ACHIEVEMENTS and Areas of IMPROVEMENT. These entries are PRIVATE, but you will be encouraged to share your experience with others on the website (http://52wkcj.teresadowellvest.com) dedicated to this experience. The new Facebook Page The 52 Week Cyber Journal will serve as a public forum for encouraging people to share their goals. Who knows! Maybe there are people looking for you and you them for partnership and collaboration!

    Need some inspiration? Enjoy "LifeBites: 25 Promises to Myself", a free ebook download of inspirational personal permissions from A Gurlz Guide founder,Michelle A. Dowell-Vest . Don't let the word "NO" block your blessings! Visitwww.AGurlzGuide.org and download your copy now!

    Be fearless in setting your goals!
    Be open to improvement and growth!
    Be ready for accomplishment and achievement!


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