• But Beyonce Must Apologize... #AmericanHypocrisy

    Oh...I see...BEYONCE has to apologize.

    Water hoses on full blast.
    Gnashing teeth of a dog's bite.
    Tightening noose of a neck snapping rope.
    Metal chains tearing limbs behind a speeding bumper.
    Shot dead with a mistaken for taser'ish' gun.
    Votes not counted until payment is made.
    Grand wizard running for President.
    White sheets and burning crosses terrorized more AMERICANS than al qaeda or ISIS.

    But...BEYONCE has to apologize for a song that doesn't mention race or police...and for a performance that celebrated a group that fed children, empowered an entire race of people and demanded we be treated with respect.

    BEYONCE has to apologize.

    No apology for slavery.
    No apology for the abduction of an entire region of a continent.
    No apology for the rape of every woman brought, bought and sold during the slave years.
    No apology for the murder of millions of Africans who did not obey the rules of bondage.
    No apology for the children traded away for profit.
    No apology for striking human bodies until they split open in countless gashes.
    No apology for the searing brand of ownership burning the flesh of PEOPLE.
    No apology for the humilation of the auction block inspection and sale.
    No apology for the lie of separate but equal.
    No apology for the assassination of our leaders for equality and freedom.
    No apology for bombing our churches or burning down our homes.
    No apology for the mobs shouts and spitting on our children as they enter better equipped schools simply because they were white schools.
    No apology for the state of Mississippi.
    No apology for Bull Conner or George Wallace.
    No apology for massive resistance.
    No apology for the Ku Klux Klan.
    No apology for blackface.
    No apology for inventing the word 'nigger'.

    And as long as there is no apology, you will never see yourself as having done anything wrong.

    But BEYONCE...she must say she's sorry.


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