• First Beyonce, now Krystal Lake: Dear White Conservative America, The First Amendment Protects Us Too. Don't Like It, YOU Can Leave!

    Beyonce sings a song, dresses in black, expresses pride in herself and the legacy of her race...and she's labeled as un-American. Even more infuriating than the absolute certainty that Beyonce owed ANYONE an apology for demonstrating her 1st Amendment right, is the fact that there are police agencies threatening to withhold protection to her as she perform across America in her Formation Tour, the latest being in Pittsburgh, PA. Upon a closer listen to the song "Sorry" on Bey's album "Lemonade" and revisiting the brilliantly calculated twerk routine performed in the song's video by Serena Williams, it's clear the message of not apologizing for who these powerful women are had nothing to do with a possibly unfaithful husband. This song was a direct shot at White America who insist Black Women with voices need to be silenced or apologize if they demonstrate the audacity to be great. Whether it's the mainstream notion that Serena is unfitting the adoration of an American tennis legend because of her thick hips, muscular frame or her South Central crip dance or Beyonce's growing more and more "black" leaving white women on the outside looking in on her brand of feminism, both Beyonce and Serena are collectively saying, 'Nope! I ain't Sorry! I ain't thinkin' 'bout you!"

    White America needs to hear this message more often. White America needs to get use to Black voices speaking our truth, our Constitutionally protected truth, and know that we are not going to be silenced or made to apologize for exercising our rights. And White America needs to know we will not take shaming or threatening our fellow American citizens with violence because we exercise our fundamental rights as Americans.

    The right of free speech protection is also ensured for Krystal Lake.  When I came across the story of Krystal Lake and her "America Was Never Great" cap she chose to wear on the job at Home Depot over the weekend on Facebook, I told myself, "Do not read the comments." But I did...and when I saw a women by the name of Allison Leigh boasting about how she took the photo and turned Krystal in, this is how I responded:

    Krystal Lake = American Citizen exercising right PROTECTED by U.S. Constitution.
    Allison Leigh = Un American VIOLATOR of the U.S. Constitution and privileged minion of Big Brother.

    The Facts:
    Krystal Lake wearing a hat that expresses her personal and political views: protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution and is not conditioned by an employer’s policy or your malcontent for her truth. The Constitution does not recognize conditions of employment or white privilege. The 1st Amendment states that Krystal Lake’s expression is PROTECTED as FREE SPEECH.

    Allison Leigh’s act of reporting Ms. Lake is un-American. Ms. Leigh violated Ms. Lake’s act of FREE SPEECH when she policed Ms. Lake’s expression and reported her expecting “Big Brother” to reprimand Ms. Lake for her expression simply because Ms. Leigh didn’t like it.

    Truth of the matter is, you all are offended because this black woman wore a hat that spoke her 1st Amendment protected truth and you didn’t like it. You didn’t like what the hat said. You didn’t like that she had the audacity to say it. You didn’t like that it was at the Home Depot where you might shop and be inconvenienced by the confrontation of truth. You don’t like that black people continue to hold this country accountable for the wrong done to an ENTIRE race of people because those wrongs STILL affect that race of people today...not to mention wrongs done to EVERY Nation of indigenous people who lived here or in neighboring land from this country’s first day. Loving this country IS very much like loving your abuser and just because YOU do not understand that fact does not mean it isn’t true.

    The hypocrisy expressed on this thread, by the followers of this network, by the Fox Network itself, is mind blowing. Ms. Lake can't wear her hat but an employee of Home Depot or some elementary school, should be able to open carry a gun...because 'it's your Constitutional right'? But...in YOUR OPINION, it's not Ms. Lake’s right to wear that hat...but it's YOUR right to wear a gun. Her hat vs. your gun...

    ...and you question the message on her hat...or why she wears it.

    The Reality

    I am offended you all opposing Ms. Lake’s right to wear the hat or her right to express her voice have the nerve to call yourselves Americans. I am offended that you, attempting to police where she can wear the hat/express herself, call yourself Americans. The act of policing Ms. Lake illustrates that you believe the Constitution does not apply to everyone, especially Ms. Lake. Here’s the reality: the Constitution represents this young lady, maybe, more than all of you.

    The Constitution has been altered in ways that have changed the course of history in America and the promise of the future...all for Ms. Lake’s behalf. Yes, the Constitution may have been created for white men but on Ms. Lake’s behalf,

         1. Congress, President Andrew Johnson and the voting citizens of the United States thought the Constitution was flawed for representing a nation with institutionalized slavery and changed it by adding the 13th Amendment, ending slavery. Then...

         2. On behalf of Ms. Lake, Congress, the President and the citizens of the United States thought the Constitution was still imperfect because ALL people born on this land or who have devoted themselves dearly to the missions and laws of this country should be granted citizenship, adding the 14th Amendment. Even still…

         3. Seeing to it that the black men who would come before Ms. Lake should have a say in the leadership of this country to ensure an opportunity to be represented, another change was made, Amendment 15.

         4. Seeing to it that Ms. Lake’s gender should not interfere with her, and all American women, ability to stand among the counted, a 19th Amendment was added...with it in mind that Ms. Lake’s voice for freedom and civil rights would never be quieted.

         5. When the white and the privileged decided Ms. Lake’s voice was too loud and growing too strong for equality, the Supreme Court overturned the laws of segregation, forcing a lot of white folk to eat that ole Crow and further inspiring that other President Johnson to add the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, seeing to it that her right to vote or walk FREE in America should never be infringed upon or taken from her.

    And given ALL of these attempts to ensure Ms. Lake’s freedom under the law and the Constitution, white people, such as yourselves, have made every effort to undo that whether through lynch mob violence, economic discrimination, political disenfranchisement or police brutality. THIS is why Ms. Lake wears the cap that says "America Was Never Great". This is but FIVE examples of times the Constitution was altered to ensure Ms. Lake be given an equal and protected life in America. YOU want to take that from her. Every one of you in this thread, in this country, who insist on shaming Ms. Lake for carrying out an ACT OF FREEDOM PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION, are in VIOLATION of that very document.

    Ms. Leigh, you may be proud of your un American act and you may be basking in the glow of the pats on the back of the people who support your unpatriotic ways, but you, in no way, represent the greatness of America. You represent the worst of it.

    No, you may not LIKE what Ms. Lake’s hat says, but as Americans, you are bound by the Constitution to fight to your death to PROTECT HER RIGHT TO SAY IT. THAT is what it means to be an American and if YOU don’t like it, YOU can leave our country!

    And that's all I have to say about that.

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