• That Time Donald Trump Sounded Like Mister From The Color Purple... (VIDEO) #WhatDoYouHaveToLose

    The first time I heard it, I heard a thud in the room. It was the sound of my jaw hitting the keyboard when watching the Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump make a case for my vote. My allegiance has long since been given to Senator Hillary Clinton once it was clear Bernie Sanders wasn't gonna make the race and stamped with super glue with the announcement of Tim Kaine from my home state of Virginia. But when I tell you NOTHING could make me even LOOK in Trump's direction after this most recent declaration of bufuckery.

    Donald Trump is Mister from the Color Purple and the man is using the tactic of shaming to convince Black voters we need him.

    Donald Trump's "What Do You Have to Lose" speech to African American voters in Dimondale, Michigan on August 19th sounded a lot like Mister saying the "Whatcha Gonna Do" dinner speech as a tactic to discourage Celie from leaving in #TheColorPurple. Let me shame you into thinking you ain't got no choice BUT to do what I say.

    "What you got?
    You're ugly. You're skinny.
    You're shaped funny.
    You're too scared
    to open your mouth to people.
    All you fit to do is be Shug's maid.
    Take out her slop jar, maybe cook her food.
    You ain't even that good a cook.
    This house ain't been cIeaned good
    since my first wife died.
    Nobody's crazy enough to marry you.
    So what you gonna do?
    Hire yourself to farm?
    Maybe somebody will let you
    work on their railroad."

    "What do you have to lose?
    You're living in poverty,
    your schools are no good,
    you have no jobs,
    58% of your youth is unemployed
    What the hell do you have to lose?"

    From the mouth of Mister...

    But Trump...until you do right by us...us all...everything you THINK about is gonna fail!


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