• What Readers Are Saying About The Death of Cliff Huxtable

    On Facebook:
    "This is not heartbreaking for everyone."
    Reading this, I found myself seeing the character I loved more than the others, the actress I questioned the disappearance of and by the end, found myself with tears in eyes.
    Terésa Alexander Dowell-Vest has created something gripping, artistic, but also deeply needed given the news of Bill Cosby's exploits. This is the second installment and so worth the read.
    -ReeCee Hartnell

    How perfect. The author reached into the spirit of those characters and pulled out the perfect Home going. May he peacefully transcend. This was amazing...
    -KaaEl Lí Loníse

    Thank you my dear friend Terésa Alexander Dowell-Vest for writing an awesome blog and your elegant interpretation of what the final episode would be like after the death of Cliff Huxtable. I can imagine Theo saying those words in that scene. Great job.
    - Jan Bethea

    Wow! Thank you so much for writing this! I, too struggle to see/figure out who Bill Cosby is because of my view of him as Dr. Huxtable... My emotions are all over the place.... I'll continue to pray for God to sort it all out and make things right.
    -Shelby Brown McDowney

    Wow! That's pretty amazing! So real,I visualized EVERY word!
    -Erica Addison

    I am so thankful to have read this!! I, as many, was having a hard time separating the character I LOVED from the man we are hearing about . This has given my confusion and sadness a voice! Great!!
    -Kimberly Thurmond Bowdre

    This series of articles/stories is awesome. I'm enjoying them.
    -Laquita Blockson

    I keep finding myself anxiously waiting to read the next one! I didn't grow up watching The Cosby Show, although I've seen plenty of episodes, but this story you're writing is doing so much for me. Perhaps it comes from losing my own Dad last year, but these characters are speaking the truth about loss for me. Thank you for your words, they are resounding and healing in ways you may not have ever intended.
    -Kayla Roossin

    This is a good ass piece of writing. Get past the title and get into it.
    This is like a creative writer's dream.
    -Ashley Daniels

    Thank you for sharing this, between all the stories it dives, into the ideals and the backlash from the ideals.
    I love each story.
    -Christine M. Deaver

    This is one of the best things I've read all summer. But I can't get anything after Olivia.
    -Keenan T. Goins

    AMAZING read!!! If you grew up on ‪#‎TheCosbyShow‬ and know the ‪#‎Huxtables‬ entire story like me, you will get your ENTIRE life!!! {Had me here cryin' n ish, smh LOL} Oh, and you have to read ALL the parts!
    -Myisha Marsh

    really really really great read *heart emoticon*
    -Safiyah Satterwhite

    A beautiful connection to the cycle of life where sometimes children bury their parents and sometimes parents bury their children. Powerful.
    -Red Summer

    On Twitter:
    Having trouble separating Cliff Huxtable from Bill Cosby? Bury Mr. Huxtable @TeresaDowelVest is a phenom.
    -Dr. Tina Opie ‏@DrTinaOpie

    This series is amazing and so authentic.
    -MillX ‏@MillennialXGen

    @TeresaDowelVest I'm really enjoying these! How many parts do you plan on writing?
    - Otis‏ @justcallmeotis

    @TeresaDowelVest Loving Cosby fan fic!
    -Katherine Street ‏@katstreet1

    Reading "The Death of Cliff Huxtable" fan fiction on http://www.teresadowellvest.com. Needed! Beautifully written @TeresaDowelVest Thank you.
    -Daria Neal ‏@darianeal1881

    Read these beautifully written posts by @TeresaDowellVest. Poignant and powerful!
    -Katharine Swibold ‏@kswibold

    Thank you for sharing your piece on Bill Cosby...I'm experiencing such a range of emotions! I see so much of myself Hugs! @TeresaDowelVest
    -DeJaniera B. Little ‏@DeJaniera

    @TeresaDowelVest i have been LIVING for these vignettes from the Huxtable residence. I love that you wove in so many moments from the show!
    -Petty Wap ‏@not1fk2give

    @TeresaDowelVest Thank you for sharing this narrative!

    -Yovani Flor ‏@LaVidaEnPlena

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