• Hikin' and Chasin' Waterfalls...

    Originally posted on July 24, 2007

    So, I made it to the waterfalls of Solstice Canyon on Saturday! Amazing hike. Beautiful morning. It was foggy at first. Kinda made me think of "Gorillas in the Mist"! But this time...this time...this time there were a lot of folk there who I KNEW wasn't scared to go in the bushes to investigate...you know what I'm sayin'? So I figured I'd stay close to them!! And that proved to be a good choice. I cruised through the woods without a care. Because I've been going to Runyon Canyon twice a week and joined the Hiking Hunnies last week at Big Santa Anita Canyon over above Pasadena, I was in better physical condition to take on the trail. I wasn't as winded and whatnot…but still wasn't tryin' to run if something jumped out at me. You know I would though! Anyway…lots of great photos and motivation to keep on hikin'! Join us Wednesday for another trip to Solstice…for those who couldn't go Saturday. Also, losing 15 pounds behind this whole hikin' bit is reason enough too!

    I forget I'm in Los Angeles. I completely forget there is a city of loud, dirty cars and road rage when I'm hiking. Waterfalls people! Waterfalls and trees and blue mosquitoes. Now, I ain't never SEEN no blue mosquitoes and I'm praying they ain't so special that they carry some funky disease or something. What I do know is this: God is a creative being. A BLUE MOSQUITO?! AND WHY?! They were pretty and in great abundance by the creeks and falls in the canyons. While hiking on Saturday, I was reminded of my great grand mother's house in Nelson County, Virginia. I grew up in the mountains in Covesville, Virginia…just outside Charlottesville. I'm a country girl who was always curious about the country. There were rules. There are always rules wherever you live and livin' in the country ain't no different. Check out my next blog for rule number 1!

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