• Falling in Love: Part I

    “Falling In Love”
    The notion of “falling in love” is negative.
    When someone falls,
    they are descending…
    a crash landing.
    Pain is usually involved.
    Falling is clumsy…
    Been tripped up.
    Falling hurts.

    Fall in love.
    Is love soft?
    What will break my fall?
    Will love hurt when I hit it?
    Is the path
    or pit
    Will my fall be eternal?

    Why not ascend to love?
    Rise to love.
    Rising in love.
    Flying in love.
    Floating in love.
    Why fall or falling?

    The fall is the blissful,
    peaceful part.
    It’s when you hit love
    that you feel the pain.
    The impact of the fall shatters everything
    No scars on the outside.
    Everything is inside.

    From my book, "Hot Sauce and Honey"

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