• A Night Out

    The following contains strong language. I'm just sayin'.

    (Slightly surprised)
    Aw Sh!t!
    Look at how fine she is.
    Makes me wanna do
    To her.
    Aw Sh!t!
    She catches my gaze
    I get stuck lookin'!
    Aww Sh!t...
    But I can't turn away
    And she smiles...
    (Lost in her smile)
    Aw Shhh!t...
    Her smile...
    Aw Sh!t.
    My girl catches the smile too
    Aw Sh!t!
    And tracks it back
    To me.
    (Tryin' to play it off)
    "Aw Sh!t,
    And then she hits me
    With an
    (Oh...and LOUD)

    "Aw Sh!t,
    I KNOW you're not lookin' at THAT
    When you've got THIS
    Standing right here
    In front of you!"
    Aww Sh!t.
    And while she's fittna go off
    I can't help but scan the room and
    Aww Sh!t!
    I look at her again
    "By accident, baby!"
    (Just give up...)
    Aww Sh!t...
    She ain't buyin' it.
    My lady reminds me
    New pussy
    Can't do sh!t
    For me.
    And then...
    Aww Sh!t...
    My lady wanna step closer and...
    Aww Sh!t...
    And stake her claim...and...
    Awwwwwww Sh!t...
    And let this WHOLE room know
    I'm hers...and...
    Aww Sh!t?
    Is my woman REALLY gonna kiss me
    In front of everyone
    Like she DIDN'T just come out
    To her mama
    And her auntie
    A couple months ago?
    (Fixed on my lady's lip)
    Aww Sh!t...
    Everybody's lookin'
    "Awwwww Sh!t..."
    Fuck 'em.
    Aww Sh!t
    This is good.
    Aww Sh!t.
    That was nice.
    (In Love)
    Aww Sh!t.
    I want another
    From my lady.
    But THAT lady
    Is STILL lookin'
    At me.
    Aww Sh!t.

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