• Sweet On A Whiskey Sour Night - Part III: The Middle Of The Day...When I Look Into My Ear...I See The Darkness That Is Light.

    She kissed me.
    Lightnin’ would have been a slight shock
    by comparison
    to what my body was feeling.

    Her skin so smooth
    so soft.

    Her tongue touching mine...
    Her tongue on me...
    Her tongue
    on my arms
    my wrist
    my hands
    my fingers
    my chin
    my cheeks
    my chest
    my lips
    my tongue
    touching hers.

    Her hands found me
    and I was putty!
    Pure Putty!

    She would be so sweet
    on a whiskey sour night
    dipped with
    straight whiskey
    on her lips.

    Her hair so full of stories
    and wisdom
    and sexual know-how
    (even if she doesn’t believe)
    and I don’t want her to change a strand.
    Not a single hair.

    Beautiful is the misty-re smile and
    curious brown brow.

    This is not a love poem.
    Just one to remind me of the blissful power of
    the delicate kiss.

    I don’t think I can wait until Sunday.
    I want to call her
    and tell her
    she is making my blood work
    for its residency
    right now.
    It’s pumping through my body
    so I can feel in places
    not usually awake
    during the day.
    Some how she must know this is her way.
    Some how...

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