• The Box 69: MAHOGANY

    Color: Mahogany
    Nov. 30,2010
    Song: "I Can't Help It" Michael Jackson

    I met her on a Thursday night in West Hollywood. She was wearing a black dress...dangerous. She smiled wild and lovely. I didn't blink. I couldn't look away. I watched her work the room...and my girlfriend watched her work me. And I was worked honey! She didn't know...and she did. She knew her power. She commanded all my senses.
    "Teresa. Teresa. Teresa!"
    My girlfriend didn't want a damn thing. She just didn't want me looking at her...and I could understand that. I mean...you know...I was HER girlfriend. I thought I was being slick though! I thought I was sneakin' peeks as my future while my present was quickly becoming my past.
    "Aw baby, I wasn't doin' nothin'."
    "You lookin' at that woman was too you doin' something. Don't act like I can't see."
    "You saw her too! SEE!"
    Naw...not the right trick for the girlfriend.
    "I wasn't looking at her. I was looking at YOU looking at her!"
    I laughed it off and...
    "Come on now baby. You know I'm gonna look...and I'm gonna smile...and say, 'She ain't you.'"
    That sounded like it worked at the time...in the moment. Now...all I can do is shake my head. Yeah...that relationship lasted another two months after that. I think it occured to her a lot sooner than to me that was a dumb ass, dog thing to say. I couldn't help myself. SHE was weaving her magic...casting her spell...on me.

    The night went on. There were drinks involved...far too many whisky sours for me to recollect four years ago. She, the black butterfly of the East/West, fluttered about from person to person, group to group, making every woman smile...making every woman feel warm and wanted. Yeah, she was...is...a flirt...but that added to her sexy.

    She finally made her way to my table. Oh Lawd! Why??!! Me and my selfish ass thought she was heading to meet me, but...yes, but, she was heading to my table because I was sitting with some friends who happen to be friends of hers. They all greeted each other and just waited patiently...listening for a name. Damn! I heard it, but it came and went so quickly but it was kinda loud with the music and the crowd...AND it's different so the LAST thing I needed to do was mispronounce it and REALLY look dumb. My big ass grin made me look dumb enough and my girlfriend was GOOD and SICK of me by then.

    She introduced herself to me...and my girlfriend. Still didn't fully catch her name...DAMN!!! I can't ask again for fear of, "WHY THE HELL YOU GOTTA KNOW HER DAMN NAME??! The girlfriend didn't have to say it but her eyes cuttin' me in my soul was all I could take.

    We all sat...talked...drank...laughed...me, my friends, my girlfriend, and the butterfly. I decided to give extra attention to my girlfriend because I did love her and wasn't trying to cheat on her or...you know...leave her or anything. I. Just. Got. Caught. Lookin'! That's it. That's all.

    The butterfly fluttered over from her original seat and landed on the chair next to mine, wings still wavering up and down, back and forth. She asked,
    "Ok, I'm sorry...but tell your name one more time?"
    Thinking to myself, thank you God,
    "Teresa. And what's your name again? It was hard to hear with all the noise and..."
    Damn it if my girlfriend didn't nudge me in my side...AND AWWWW DAMN I MISSED IT AGAIN!!! Hmmm...I don't think my girlfriend WANTS me to know the Butterfly's name. Can't imagine why.

    So the night went on and I finally learned the butterfly's name. She was funny...smart...interested in the world. She was sharp and sarcastic...and sweet. How is that possible? I was enjoying myself...and not suppose to...I guess. She made me laugh. I chuckled and said,
    "You are killin' me."
    She replied,
    "Softly I hope."
    Wow. My girlfriend finished with an
    "Aww, hell no."
    ...under her breath. I just smiled. Looked away from both women...and smiled. I tried to hide it...but I couldn't.

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    1. I was gonna say 'Awesome', but then I was like.. not so much ;-D But no, I love this one!


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