• It's My Fault...Not Tyler Perry's

    Yes...It's my fault.

    It's my fault that Tyler Perry directed "For Colored Girls."

    It's my fault that I have paid money, as a vote being cast to the least of many evils, to the victor of what SEEMS to be a one man race.

    It's my fault that live theater has been pimped out like a dingy whore for profit.

    It's my fault that when the question is asked to name black directors, the names of Spike Lee, John Singleton, Gina Prince-Blythwood, Bill Duke, Cheryl Dunye, George C. Wolfe, Bille Woodruff, Forest Whitaker, Julie Dash...just to name a few...are not named anymore.

    It's my fault that Teresa Dowell-Vest isn't on that list.

    It's my fault that Tyler Perry isn't challenged to be a better director.

    It's my fault that the thirsty masses are drinking sand because that is what rest in the glass Perry is handing out.

    It's my fault that the mainstream film and theater world looks to Perry as a genius and I look to his stories in shame.

    All these things I accept on MY shoulders. All these things accept as MY charge for change. All these things will motivate me to break myself in half, if I must, to be a better artist...to be a better entrepreneur...to grind a little harder...to dig a little deeper.

    I vow to deliver.

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