• The Box 69: BURNT SIENNA

    Color: Burnt Sienna
    Jan. 14, 2011
    Song: "Call Me" Skyy

    Every hero has
    Her dark side...
    Her burnt edges
    Her scars.
    Out of focus.

    Every hero
    Has moments of doubts
    Sinking deep into dark shadows
    Burying love
    And gone.

    Hero, Raw Sienna...
    I see you, twin,
    Fighting on the other side
    MY other side,
    Saving love
    Being valiant
    The damsel in distress
    In the tight ass dress...
    Yeah, I see her...
    See me...

    All she wants is the bad one.
    The one that isn't good for her
    The one who burns smooth
    Like brown whiskey on a Saturday night.
    The one who cuts her deep
    And let love seep
    See, she likes it that way.

    Hero Raw Sienna...
    You look shocked.
    Zero Raw Sienna...
    You look lost.
    There are no happy endings
    In this fairy tale
    For the good guy.
    Only the baddest bitch
    Gets the flyest chick...
    And THAT'S the way
    Love is, honey.

    Hero, my evil twin,
    Take this advice,
    Be the villain
    For a night.
    Do all the things she like.
    But don't give it to her twice.
    Sign your name in flames
    Set the her heart ablaze.
    Wild and rough
    No place for love
    Just smoldering ambers of passion.
    Flashes of belonging
    Before they are satisfied
    Blown out and away
    And leave in the smoke and haze.
    It ain't got a thing to do
    With love.

    Raw...you are,
    Untouched and pure
    But we are bruised and used.
    We make the heroes possible.
    We sneak peeks.
    We steal looks.
    We smile at private thoughts
    As the private thought walks across the room
    To the one to whom she belongs.
    Before we steal away.
    Enjoy vice
    Savor danger
    Be the Villain,
    Raw Sienna,
    Love's fire hurts
    Less and less
    The longer you hold your hand
    Over its flame
    And deny it ever exist.

    And when you're through being a rescuer of love,
    And done fighting for the forever
    When all you really want
    Is the right now,
    Join me...
    The love you save
    Will forget your name.
    It's just a matter of time.
    I could use a new partner in crime.

    Burnt Sienna.


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