• The Box 69: RAW UMBER

    Color: Raw Umber
    Sept. 15, 2000
    Song: "Beautiful" Me'Shell Ndegeocello

    I am in a candlelit bath
    not too distant in memory
    of those I use to have at 3am.
    I miss those baths.
    Sometimes I would discover the best part of my day
    or night
    in a hot liquid bath of peace.
    My baths were never shared then.
    Showers for sharin’.
    My baths would never
    could never
    be big enough
    for my imagination
    and another body.
    You had to go.
    I had dreaming to do.
    You get a shower.
    No more.

    There was never any complications with my bath.
    All was simple.
    You just get in!
    And leave.
    Baths at 3AM
    were completely for me.
    So hot
    I’d lose my breath.

    After the perfect bath,
    I was ready for the perfect nap.
    My heart would race
    at a pace
    too quick to catch.
    Dry off.
    Put on my robe…
    and lie on my bed
    I’d awaken 20 minutes in to later.

    My bath is for me.
    Place my music.
    Smoke a joint.
    Drink a glass of wine
    a little chocolate ties.
    The bath was always mine.
    To watch the steam rise off my smokin’ body

    Baths are not for bathing.
    I just want to sit
    and relax in my bath
    and let the sweat fall off my back.


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