• The Box 69: OUTER SPACE

    Color: Outer Space
    March 19, 2011
    Song: "Saturn" Stevie Wonder

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Where the welcome mat floats
    And joy washes over you in the door's threshold.
    Enter worry weightless
    Stress gravity free.
    Ready to implode
    Long overload
    Busting at the seams
    Room at last
    To unpack my dreams.

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Cuz my inner space
    Was feeling cramped.
    Space to exercise my voice
    Place to call my own.
    Where I can be alone
    And be me
    With you
    And you
    One in the mirror.

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Where I can...
    And do.
    And will.
    A place to
    Get out of the bath
    Stream draped
    Put on a tank
    Too short
    Form fittin'
    Pajama bottoms too big
    Low hip hittin'
    See you layin' across the bed
    Doin' nothin'
    But layin' there
    Waitin' for me.

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Where no one will hear me scream
    And call out your name
    Come over
    And reduce me
    To all vowels
    Leave my sigh to reach the depths of the Universe
    Send me to the final frontier
    Eyes closed
    Wide open
    On a round trip
    Clockin' frequent flyer miles
    To visit high

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Where the echos of love
    Rest in the syncopation of my own foot fall
    And the strum of my quiet guitar
    And the beat of my own heart.

    Welcome to Outer Space
    Welcome home.


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