• The Box 69: SEPIA

    Color: Sepia
    January 15, 2001
    Song: "I Am Here" Jill Scott

    I've been here before...

    I’m a Virginian
    Who lives in Los Angeles.

    I’m an African
    Who lives in America.

    I’m an Earth alien
    Who lives in a universe
    Not big enough for my heart.

    I am a seed,
    Planted to grow
    And bloom
    Watered by God.
    My mother carried the seed
    My father fertilized the seed
    And a heartbeat was heard.

    And on the blind side of my eye
    I saw love
    And it was good.

    I grew into an artist
    Who best understood myself
    And I imposed myself on others.

    I am a woman
    Who kissed another
    And thought it was true.

    I've been here before.
    My love loved me preciously
    Fed my spirit and nurtured my heart.
    My children dance paint and tell story
    Just like their daughter will do when it is her turn.

    I am a soul
    Cased tightly into a body
    Long mistreated…
    And still I live here.

    Do you understand?
    And still I live here.


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