Color: Tropical Rain Forest
    November 2, 2000
    Song: "Mas Que Nada" Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas

    Cool Brazilian Nights Don’t Hurt Nobody
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Cool Brazilian nights don’t hurt nobody.
    A cool night
    Departed from a hot day
    Leaves nothing but sheer delight
    In life
    So mine
    It can not be denied.

    Black is the night that is cool
    That is soothing
    That is the beginning
    As the clock resets the day at midnight.
    When love is made so soft
    And wet
    And good
    As night in Brazil.
    It’s the salty steam of pleasure
    That lets me sleep peacefully
    In a troubled world dripped with tears
    And cries of sorrow
    And regret.
    There is none when night falls on Brazil
    For the American
    Who knows no better.
    In the moment
    It is the joy of life
    Not to be saved.
    And re-lived
    In another moment
    In the arms of a Brazilian other
    Who wants to know the pleasure too.

    Black is the night
    And cool is the breath of her body
    And soothe my heat
    She brings.
    Good night.
    Boa noite
    With a kiss.

    Cool Brazilian nights don’t hurt nobody.


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