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    Stunts Coord. Demo w/Blackberry Playbook

    My name is Terésa Dowell-Vest and I am NOT asking for your money!  

    My name is Terésa Dowell-Vest and I am the producer/creator of "Genesis", film's first TEAM of Black Superheroes!  The story spans three films moving from Tuskegee projects (1940-70's) in the American south to modern day Los Angeles.  Rarely have we seen a superhero franchise take place in Los Angeles, and NEVER have we seen a team of ALL BLACK SUPERHEROES on film!!  This is about to change THIS FALL!  MY GOAL: ONE YEAR FROM NOW, I want African American children to have Superheroes THEY can be for Halloween!  I want children of color to have THEIR own heroes who look like them!  YOU can help me make that happen!
    Little Boy from San Fran. Speak About "Genesis"

    The "Genesis" Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/genesisdivablue) is growing daily and the franchise merchandise store (www.zazzle.com/divablue) is teeming with great apparel!  We even have an INTERNATIONAL presence in the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia.  We were recently given a film launch party in Hamilton, Bermuda, September 4, 2011.Now it's YOUR turn to join the franchise.
    "Genesis" Facebook Page
    1.) We want your help securing the cast and crew for the film. Recommend/share your resources and design contacts with us!Simply put, I want the artists/designers who you feel could help me "MAKE" a superhero film!  Put me in contact with ALL designers, talent, editors, special effects and music for the first film and the video game.

    2.) Purchase this “Genesis” QRC Interactive tee shirt (or other item) and show your support for the franchise.

    "Genesis" QRC Interactive T-Shirt
    Now...if you feel you can not do #1 and/or #2, then…
    3.) Make a generous donation to the film's budget and help us meet our goal of $2 million to launch this franchise!  This film is going to turn $2M to $20M...AT LEAST!! To contribute to "Genesis", you can make a generous donation at www.tdvisdivablue.com and click the DONATE link, or contact me directly at 213-840-5492 / genesistdv@gmail.com.

    Donate to "Genesis"
    Finally to create more of a buzz about the project and to ensure a strong following for the franchise, please TWEET the following statement "I SUPPORT 'GENESIS: NEW AMERICAN SUPERHEROES'!!

    "Genesis" on Twitter

    I am taking a page out of Spike Lee’s book of making your work “by any means necessary” when he made "Malcolm X":I'm asking the Black Entertainment community to get behind a project that will give us and all our children a positive group of heroes to admire.The “Genesis” trilogy IS the next “Matrix”, “X-Men”, and “Spiderman”!!  WE can make a difference in what it means to be a Superhero!!

    TDV & "Genesis" T-Shirt
    TDV, "Genesis" & Autocorrect
    TDV "Genesis" & "Soul Train"
    "Genesis" Merchandise

    Registered with the Library of Congress (LOC) and the Writers Guild of America-west
    WGA#: 1150111 / LOC# PAu3-101-890

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