• Diva Blue...Productions?...Publishing?...Photography?

    The 3 "P's" of Diva Blue: Production! Publishing! Photography! New FB page and revamped website coming soon.

    Diva Blue PRODUCTION: Genesis: New American Superheroes is about to get a big jolt! Going to see Tyler Perry at the Fox Theater on Friday, April 13 at 3:30pm, as he takes 2 hours to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur...THAT'S what I've been waiting to hear. Packaged business cards and a DVD to give him...and I'm gonna give it to him! Stop playin'! Also, just booked a one day shoot to film the Clark Atlanta University's chapter of Omega Psi Phi to promote their week and events on campus.

    Diva Blue PUBLISHING: The Box 69: A Photo Blog Series Coffee Table Book is OFFICIALLY APPLE! The ebook version of my book has been approved and is now available through Apple in its iBookstore!!! You can still get it through Blurb.com, where my profit earning is a touch higher, BUT ain't nothing like having that bitten Macintosh next to your product!! Going to plan a series of events for The Box 69 soon.

    Diva Blue PHOTOGRAPHY: Thank you to M.PoWer for bringing me on to photograph the Rude Boys video for the OFFICIAL tribute song for Trayvon Martin and family as they raise money for upcoming legal fees. I shot 2000+ stills on April 7th and had a ball! Also, I shot stills for the Harlem YMCA as they toured the campuses of Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University. Lovely bunch of people and a great day.

    So...now I'm stuck. I've been Diva Blue Productions since 1994...but that seems to limit what I can do and what I can offer.  I'm gonna toss it to you. What do YOU suggest I call my company? The good thing is I'm getting a new logo and the "P" of "DBP" can be Productions, Publishing, and  Photography...I'm stuck y'all. lol...In the best possible way. ;-)

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