• Chick-Fil-A Can't Compete With Home!

    LGBT community: Do you REALLY want to get send a message to Chick-Fil-A? Have meals together...at home. 

    Forge your community of family and friends-family and break bread in the place they seem to think we can't forge FAMILY. Find those local, independent restaurants...the mom & pop spots...the local joints...who WILL support us and give your dollars to them. Hold dinner parties and challenge each other with who can make the best waffle fries and lemonade and see who wins. Celebrate the ones who tried and lost miserably. Document with photos and video and show the world that Chick-Fil-A is a non factor in determining who we are or our value.

    Let Chick-Fil-A do them. All this attention we are giving them is driving business TO them by the Sarah Palins...and the like...of the world. Let the Tea Party get fat and full on Chick-Fil-A sweet tea. In the sun, we can brew our own. In the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time fo' that!" We have lives to live and lives to love. There is plenty of bread to break...at home.

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