• What do you do if you're a Republican...?

    What do you do when you're a Republican and the current lead representative of your party doesn't believe in global warming, wants to cut FEMA, has a binder of women...making him sound rather pimpish, thinks 47% of the country are free loading parasites, thinks our young men and women in the military should stay in a war we had no business being in, believes it's perfectly fine to treat gays and lesbians as second class citizens, the elderly have run their course, outsourcing benefits America, and thinks restoring a nation's coastal region after a hurricane/superstorm/flood/blizzard is much like picking up trash after a football game? What DO you do?

    Maybe you make good on leaving for all the places you claim you would rather live if Obama is reelected. And enjoy Canada...that place that has a healthcare system that is closer to "Obamacare", as you call it.  Damn Canadians. Or...better yet, head down to Mexico. They'll love to house you, just as you have housed them. And don't worry, they really won't give a damn if you speak English or Spanish, they'll just talk about you behind your back and laugh at you try to cool your mouth off with the habaneros and jalapeƱos diced up in your food. Oh...and it'll be hot coming out the other end too. :-\ But then hot air is not new for you. You can opt for Asia and any of the countries where your candidate places his business and yet places that pay it's workers pennies in "slavery for hire". Or head to Europe, where life is fine...if you left the Euro alone. Or just go to Africa...oh wait...that's where many...not all...but some of your guy's supporters want to send the Free-Dumb 47%.

    So...what do you do when you support that other guy?  You plan a party...celebrating a SILVER place finish for the out of touch.

    *Black lesbian supporter of God, family, country, love, marriage, choice, equality, and Bert and Ernie.

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