• TLC: The Learning Channel...but what are they teaching? Sisterhood and the Boo Boo!

    TLC?  The Learning Channel?! Seriously?!  Not since the days of "Trading Spaces" has TLC lived up to their name.  I recently learned that TLC no longer identifies as "The Learning Channel" but has kept the TLC as it's now the channel's iconic brand. Well, whatever they call themselves and whatever their mission, TLC has taken a left turn from the right lane and no longer offers any programming in keeping with its original mission. But hey, why should TLC be any different from a lot of networks on air today? I mean, MTV, VH1 and BET all prefer reality tv over music videos as their name and mission suggest. Why should should we hold The Learning Channel to a higher standard? Perhaps this is "learning" in America. No thank you.

    Oh yeah...and they have a new show...The Sisterhood. Train wreck on the horizon...

    UPDATE!! Listen NPR's morning Edition as they try to figure out "The Sisterhood"! I gave an interview for this show and they used a snip of it! Listen: http://www.npr.org/2013/01/25/170168866/lives-of-praise-lives-in-progress-on-the-sisterhood


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