• Because one of the Oscar winners said in his acceptance speech, "The Arts Are Dying." THE ARTS ARE NOT DYING!!


    I wish people would stop saying that!! There is ART everywhere!

    FUNDING is dying.


    BELIEF that the arts are profitable, relative or any other than a hobby is dying.

    TEACHING children art and the benefit of it in public schools is dying.

    WHAT'S NOT dying:


    There is a young poet scribing about coming out but afraid

    and another one writing about his mom being the ONLY one

    and another one about being bullied in school for eating a free lunch...which we ALL want...don't lie.

    And there is a guitarist who taught herself how to play despite having only one E string but goes to a school who has her on track to wear only a G string...but she has rhythm so she WILL dance...which too is an ART!

    And there is a filmmaker watching this mess (Oscars 2013) and is pissed...and then inspired.

    There is a playwright who will host a play in his living room JUST to get that shit OUT!

    There is a singer who's voice you will NEVER hear because he's got not one interest in a big booty girl and it's not because he's gay but because he's GOOD!

    He's an ARTIST!

    She, the mother of many, not all are her's, is the young ole lady in the shoe, FLY, and is a street poet and teaches that ART IS LIFE and therefore can NOT be DYING!

    The SINGER is ALIVE!

    The POET is ALIVE!

    The DANCER is ALIVE!

    And despite what reality tv and the cash cow nostalgia movie making would have you believe,

    The WRITER is ALIVE!


    It's fighting the murderous mission of submission by those who simply don't get it.

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