• Chasing belongs on Wild Kingdom...Cops...but not in Love.

    Wild Kingdom. An eager lion is hot on the trail of a zebra or gazelle, desperate to escape. The prey's heart is racing and breath is panting, wide eyed and frightened. If caught, they will meet their end. The lion will devour its catch and what's left is a hot bloody mess. In my mind, THAT'S what a "chase" looks like.

    I think back on times in my past of both chasing love and being chased...and in neither occasion did any good come from it. Having done both, all I can say...all I can do: Don't chase. The beginning of a courtship shouldn't look like Wild Kingdom. The promise of a loving relationship does not resemble a moment of running action on Cops. If it does, it's simply a hot mess in waiting and no one wins. 

    Don't chase.

    Chasing implies that someone is running AWAY from you.  They are telling you EVERYTHING you need to know about how they feel about you.  They are not moving towards you and it's a choice.  If you CHOOSE to chase, I promise you, you will end up tired, used, spent and worn. 

    Don't chase.

    If the person ever "gives in" and LET you catch them, then there's nothing to enjoy.  Sure, you've achieved your "goal" but what is left to respect?  That's not love.  That's "Well, I ain't got shit else to do, so..." Don't be "Well, I ain't got shit else to do." Two years ago, my niece, Cordasia, then 14, walked into the room and said, "Don't be nobody's #2." Wow. Pow. AND Boom. 

    Don't chase. 

    Sure, there IS a delicate dance two must perform to feel each other out. There is a lovely tango of
    persistence and courtship that must take place to prove worthiness. There is a place to meet.  The person who truly wants to be with you will stroll up...or skip up...to that spot to meet you. Savor the "Hello".  It will take your breath away without leaving you out of breath. 

    Don't chase.

    Go to love as love is coming to you. Anything else is everything less. You will never "catch" the love you have to chase.

    Don't chase. 
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