• CHAPTER FIVE: He's Got His Whole Life...In His Hands

    Washington, D.C.

    Jamison Dracel is sitting alone in a conference room in the White House.  He is 42 years old and a little nervous.  He has a decorative button in his hand.  He gently runs his fingers over the button as if it holds sentimental value.

    Suddenly the doors open.  In walks a tall, white man in a dark suit.  He sits in a chair next to Jamison.
        "A little. The United States is about to completely change...and I'm..."
        "Stop thinking in terms of "I".  The USA Corporation is fully behind you and we will all stand in that podium beside you.  You are not alone."
    Jamison takes a deep sigh. The man continues,
        "Ok. So, in a minute the White House staff in charge of the reset will be in here to brief you on the order of the press conference.  Rather than have President Johns explain the card, the administration thought it best that you clearly state how the card works and field all questions."
        "Still, wouldn't it be best the American people hear from the President himself about the card?"
        "No.  We and the administration feel the American people will want to feel there is a body of people helping them with this transition. Because the administration is more liberal in its agenda and the USA Corp leans more to the right, there will be the semblance of balance...and therefore a transition everyone can trust."
    Jamison laughs.
        "And I represent the conservative right?"
        "The USA Corp does and yes, you, a young black man helps this cause."
        "Look, this is your moment of greatness..."
        "MY moment of greatness? We're back to "I" again, are we not?"
        "Don't pretend not to enjoy this.  The history books will be rewritten with your name and picture as the man who saved America. Hell, the card bares your name."
        "Yes.  Yes, it does.  And you don't find that odd?"
        "At first, yes. That's a lot of credit."
        "...a lot of pressure."
        "You created the card and the USA Corp wanted you to realize your vision.  It's revolutionary.  It's going to save this nation and you are the sole person who had the vision to fulfill it.  What does your wife think of your work?"
        "I think my husband is a genius and I'm so incredibly proud of him."
    Katherine, Jamison's wife, has entered the room.  She is a beautiful dark skinned some of 40 years.  She is impeccably dressed in a black tailored business suit.
        "He's just nervous. Let me talk to him a bit.  I think he just needs the comfort of his wife right now."

    The man obliges and leaves.  The couple waits silently as he leaves the room.  Jamison turns to Katherine,
        "Thank God!  This is going to make me ill."
        "Honey, breath. You've been waiting for this day your entire life.  Today you are making a difference in the world.  My God, you're saving the country."
        "Yes, there's a lot of that talk going around right now.  Look, two years ago, I had my head down at USA Corp, looking to be an executive at one of its television networks. Two years ago were living in Manassas trying to figure it all out.  Two years ago, I don't if anyone even knew my name."
        "And today you are about to save...this...country.  And the fact that two years later we live in Georgetown and will secure a future for our children, well, that's the payoff for your hard work. I'm really proud of your Jamison."
        "Thank you.  I wish...I wish my family could be here.  My dad's... "

    The conference room doors burst open. Secret Service men enter the room first and and shortly followed by President Robert Johns and his staff.  Jamison and Katherine quickly bounce to their feet.  The President crosses to Jamison and firmly shakes Jamison's hand.  Jamison eagerly returns the gesture.
        "Mr. President, sir, it's an honor to be here under your guidance and thank you for having faith me."
        "Mr. Dracel, the honor is mine. You have done an extraordinary thing here. The country will be fully in your debt."
    The President gestures for one of assistants to come forward. The assistant steps forward with a thin, silver briefcase.
        "Have you seen it yet? The card?"
        "No sir, I haven't."
    The assistant opens the briefcase. Inside is a single black card, the size of a credit card, completely surrounds by black protective form. Jamison stand and gazes in awe. A smile gentle grows over his face. Katherine whispers,
        "Still nervous?"
    Jamison, still fixed on the card, asks of the President,
        "May I?"
        "I'm surprised you haven't already. This one is yours."
    Jamison quickly looks up at the president.
        "Yes, your life has already been programmed and encrypted into the card. You will likely be the only person in America, including my family...hell, including myself...who will receive their card in such a grand fashion. But you deserve this. You, Mr. Jamison Dracel, have created the Dracel Card and there, in the palm of your hand, is your entire life. Entirely."

    The room burst into applause. Everyone is smiling and delighting in Jamison's awe over his card. Jamison finally looks up and a show of fear washes over his face. The President asks,
        "What's wrong?"
    Jamison looks down at the card in his hand,
        "My entire life...in my hands..."
        "Yes. You ok? What's on your mind?"
        "Don't lose it."


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