• If You Were Here...You Can Not Come Back

    If you were here, you can not come back. Locks changed...bolted shut to the reinforced frame.

    If you were at my door and did not wipe your feet before coming in, dragging all your mud and muck through my house, leaving me to clean up YOUR mess in MY home, you are no longer welcome, despite what the mat says. 

    If you were here and my sheets weren't comfortable enough, my meal not hot enough, my sex not to your satisfaction, you need not put yourself through the inconvenience ever again. No hard feelings. Not one at all. 

    If you were here and in your leaving you raised your voice, slammed a door, or felt your pressure "go up", my apologies. There...isn't that better?

    If you were here and did not want to stay, why come back? I agree now too.

    If you were here and WANTED to stay, but left for fear of being a fool, fear no longer. You were right. 

    If you were here and kept your car on and running...just in case you got a text from another...no worries. I left a wedge in the door to prop it open and it will be open as long as your car is running neutral. I do enjoy an Open House from time to time. 

    If you were here and right out the gate, right IN the gate, you rolled up with the U-Haul...rude. Wearing out your welcome too fast too soon is tiresome and eviction is inevitable. No good can come from that. Visit first...with the next person. 

    If you were here and we had a good time...thank you.  Our time together was lovely.

    If you were here...if I opened my door to you and my hospitality did not serve your heart...you can not come back. And that is a gift to us both. Home Free.

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