• JUST KEEP GOING! April 13, 2012: Tyler Perry. April 13, 2013: Roger Bobb. April 13, 2014? JUST KEEP GOING!

    So...last weekend, April 13th, I was blessed with an opportunity to pitch Genesis: New American Superheroes to some industry folk...FIVE successful producers, one of which was Roger Bobb, former Executive VP of Tyler Perry Studios and CEO of Bobbcat Films.  My appointment was for 1pm and as the day went on, quite a few things were revealed to me.  Most importantly, it was pretty clear that I would have an opportunity to share with numerous producers what Genesis is and why it needs to be created. They all loved what "Genesis" is and what it could be...none of them thought it was ready to be a film yet.

     - "It's brand spanking new. You can't compare it to the Avengers or The Justice League...yet.  People need to LEARN who they are."  -Roger Bobb

    Roger Bobb then proceeded to call "Genesis" a new "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and thought the heroes should all be teenagers.  As much as I loved the first couple of seasons of MMPR when I was in college, "Genesis" is not that. It took telling him more about the history, the characters, the arch of the story for him to say he got what I was trying to do. He finished with I still need to do something else that isn't as risky, financially.

    One of the other producers said out right, "I'm not into superheroes. I'm not into action movies. I'm in the music business so all of this is lost on me. I do love that you have created something new and new things belong in new media. Create a web series. Right now...I just don't get it...but that's not to say I couldn't." She later walked up to me and said, "Look...I'm the music business and I'm but one person. I'm not into films and whatnot. It simply isn't my thing. If you think you can get your movie made, by all means, go for it. But there are a LOT of people like me who need to know what "Genesis" is outside of gamers and superhero fans that will want to see it. I'm want to love this because of how much YOU love it. You're a complete stranger to me and I want to know more because YOU want it so much. YOU...who you are...was the only reason I kept listening.  So now...how do you reach ME?"

    A third producer said, "I like it. I like it a lot...because I'm a history buff. You had me with the historical part of it...the Civil Right Movement and the Tuskegee Experiments...and so I'm in...but not as a film. This needs to be literary first. I have some literary agent contacts who would love this...but not as a film. You have to serve "Genesis" up to the public first and a multi-million dollar film based on a 1,100 Facebook fan page isn't gonna make it...but THIS needs to be done."

    This "opportunity" continued well into the night and lasted until 1am, ending at a mansion in west Atlanta.  The night ended with one singular bit of advice, repeated FIVE times: Publish a graphic novel first.

    Now, if you've been on this journey with me, you know my goal is to fulfill a FRANCHISE plan for "Genesis": three films, nine novels, and a video game. The difficult part has been what do I do first? Because I wrote the screenplay first, I've always been eager to get the film done. Because I am a writer and have the arch of the nine books outlined and registered, I figured I should go ahead and write the novels first. I'm not much of a gamer, but the gaming experience also carries the demographics I envision for the film...and "Genesis" being a superhero action story, a video game makes sense. So...which to do first?

    "Publish a graphic novel first." I turned it off...and I tuned it out. I got in my car and drove to a friend's house and slept on her couch because it would take me 45 minutes to get home. At 1am with whiskey in my system, which was quickly powering down, a drive to Canton was not happening. And I could not hear it, "Publish a graphic novel first."

    I turned off the noise of 'you have to stop...and start over...again'.  I turned off the noise of other people's expectations of a completed film.  I turned off the accusations of failure from myself by not shooting a film. I just turned everything off. I tuned everything out.

    The next day, I went swimming...running...and then I started writing...and in the last week, arrived at these things:

    1. I am NOT a failure as I have created something I want to share so desperately, I simply don't know how...yet.

    2. I am too easily distracted and need to focus. (Quintessential Gemini behavior...needs to be reined in.)

    3. I need to sleep.

    4. Be happy at home...whether its Atlanta or Los Angeles. Be Happy. And Be Present. (Yes, this has been affecting my creativity.)

    5. Love will come so no need to worry. Savor but don't worry. (Yes, this TOO had been affecting my creativity.)

    6. You WILL restore your finances. My 2011 taxables earnings were 6 times the amount of my 2012 earning...literally. (YES! This TOO...)


    7. JUST KEEP GOING! The credit I need to give myself is that with everything I DO achieve with "Genesis", it continues to move me in forward and in the presence of people who can help me. JUST KEEP GOING! On April 13, 2012, I pitched "Genesis" to Tyler Perry. On April 13, 2013, I pitched to Roger Bobb. Where will I be April 13, 2014?  JUST KEEP GOING!

    So yes, after 12 hours of pitching, chatting, talking, showing YouTube clips, and sipping whiskey (that Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is EVERYTHING!!), I'm taking the advice of the five producers in the room and publishing BOOK ONE of the "Genesis" graphic novel series.

    The content: The Script.

    Yep...the book becomes a fancy storyboard for the film.
    And Yep...still thinking movie.
    It's my element, after all.

    Genesis on FB: https://www.facebook.com/genesisdivablue
    Genesis on Twitter: @genesisthemovie
    Genesis on Youtube:


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    1. This blog was so good to my lil soul TDV...I am in the process of writing a book as well, and some of your reasons why for holding off writing are my same ones... Coming from Los Angeles (downtown ) to atlanta was and is still very different for me.. its very slow motion here... im used to hustle and bustle.. anywhoos, you inspire me in so many ways, TO KEEP GOING! thank you for your words and kind spirit. God Bless you on this journey and all the more for GENESIS!!! :-)


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